Aalto Electronics-ICT

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Aalto Electronics-ICT is the research infrastructure located at Maarintie 8 building. Research and education is carried out in the fields of electromagnetics and material studies, electronic circuit design and microelectronics, radio science and engineering, and space science and technology.

Bioeconomy and RawMatters Research Infrastructures

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School of Chemical Engineering hosts two open access research infrastructures. BIOECONOMY RI covers laboratory and bench scale facilities enabling research on renewable materials. RawMatters RI offers facilities supporting research on inorganic materials, hydrometallurgical and metallurgical processes.

Coming in 2019H2 - Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Metsähovi Radio Telescope picture

Metsähovi Radio Observatory is the only astronomical radio observatory in Finland. Metsähovi’s main instrument is the 14-meter radio telescope, which is used around the clock, every day of the year. Its observational data is used, e.g., for studying active galaxies, the Sun, and the rotation of the Earth. Please contact metsahovi at aalto dot fi with any questions.

OtaNano Low Temperature Laboratory

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OtaNano Low Temperature Laboratory is one of the world centers in ultralow temperature physics and nanoelectronics. The main research fields are ultra-low temperature physics and low temperature quantum electronics.

OtaNano Nanomicroscopy Center

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OtaNano Nanomicroscopy Center hosts high-resolution electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and X-ray scattering instruments for soft, hard and biomaterial sample imaging and characterization.