The OtaNano Nanomicroscopy Center provides high resolution microscopy to researchers, who come to work and collaborate using these high quality equipment. The center is equally accessible to everyone.

The instruments include the only sub-Ångström transmission electron microscope (TEM) in Finland, a liquid helium cooled cryo-TEM, cryo scanning tunneling microscopes (STM), scanning electron microscopes (SEM), atomic force microcopes (AFM), and X-ray scattering equipment (SAXS/WAXS/XRD).

Nanomicroscopy Center staff can be contacted at nmc-contact-sci at

OtaNano infrastructure

The Nanomicroscopy Center is a part of the OtaNano infrastrucure comprising Low Temperature Laboratory, Micronova NanoFab, and NMC facilities. OtaNano web page.


All instruments in the Nanomicroscopy Center are available for users inside and outside Aalto University. The users participate to the maintenance costs of running the instruments via an openly available hourly compensation. Paid imaging service is available for companies and industry. See also the current fees for the instruments.

User training

Researchers wanting to the TEM, SEM, or AFM are typically trained to operate the microscopes on their own and there are no dedicated operators. There are also options for paid service for companies and research collaboration for interesting joint projects. Contact nmc-training-sci at for details.

Every spring we arrange a course called Microscopy of Nanomaterials, which is aimed for doctoral students at Aalto. Participating on both lecture course (5 cr) and lab course (5 cr) provides a facile way to get permissions to use basic TEM, SEM, and AFM at Nanomicroscopy Center.