Bioeconomy and RawMatters Research Infrastructures

BIOECONOMY Research Infrastructure contains research laboratories, characterisation and analysis equipment and modeling and simulation tools in the field of biorefinery. The research enabled by the infra can be divided to process technology, industrial biotechnology and material science aiming to novel products and process solutions utilizing renewable and preferably non-edible biomass. For further information, see BIOECONOMY web page.

RawMatters Research Infrastructure (RAMI) covers the research facilities that operate in the field of inorganic materials. The research enabled by the infra can be divided to materials science and chemistry, electrochemistry, metal processing and recycling. For further information, see RAMI web page.

All equipment available via this booking system belong to either Bioeconomy or RawMatters infrastructure as named in the equipment headings. Please note that the infrastructures need to be appropriately acknowledged in all publications that have benefitted from the use of the research facilities.

Access to infrastructure

BIOECONOMY and RAMI Research Infrastructures follow open access principles offering the facilities for users inside and outside Aalto University. Depending on the equipment, we have professional staff to operate or we offer apparatus to use after required user training. Reservation rights are subject to training and free capacity available. Contact persons are mentioned next to each equipment, but all outside Aalto users are requested to contact Jaana Rich or Minna Malin first.

For more information, please contact:

Technical Services manager Jaana Rich, tel. +358 (0)50 408 1988, email: (ät)

Technical services coordinator Minna Malin, tel. +358 (0)50 344 5964, email: minna.malin (ät)


Equipment charges are listed next to each equipment. Price categories shown here are indicative.

VAT not included

Basic processing and testing equipment
Academic work: 5-45€/h
Commercial use: 40-100€/h

Advanced processing and analysis equipment
Academic work: 5-45€/h or 5-45€/sample
Commercial use: 100-150€/h or 100-200€/sample

Operator time by technician or scientist
Academic work: 25-50€/h
Commercial use: 100-120€/h

Acknowledgment policy

In scientific publications, please add in the acknowledgements one of the following sentences:

This work made use of Aalto University Bioeconomy Facilities.

This work made use of Aalto University RawMatters Facilities.