Universal Testing Machines

Fibre Testing (2 pcs)
Fiber testing includes determining parameters such as fiber length, width, coarseness, flexibility, and strength, which are crucial for assessing pulp quality, evaluating paper or textile performance, optimizing manufacturing processes, and understanding the structural properties of fibers in various applications. Fiber testing plays a vital role in quality control, research, and development within the chemistry and forest industry sectors.
Hardness Testing (1 pcs)
Texture Analysis (1 pcs)
Universal Testing Machines (3 pcs)
Universal testing machines are mechanical testing devices used to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials. They can apply various types of forces such as tension, compression, bending, and torsion to a sample, allowing for the determination of parameters such as strength, elasticity, ductility, and stiffness. Universal testing machines are widely used in industries, research laboratories, and quality control settings for material characterization, product development, and ensuring compliance with standards and specifications.