Densimetry, Magnetometers, Nanomechanical Test Instruments, Paper Testing, Permeability, Phase Equilibrium, Polarimetry, PPMS, Rheometry, Refractometry, Wood Testing
Densimetry (2 pcs)
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Nanomechanical Test Instruments
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Paper Testing (19 pcs)
Bending Testers, Bendtsen Paper Roughness and Air Permeability Testers, Beta Formation Testers, Bond Testers, Cobb Unger Oil Absorbancy, Cobb Water Absorbency, Friction Testers, Porosity Static and Dynamic Friction Testers, Gloss Testers, Print-Surf Roughness Testers, Short Span Compression Testers, Static and Dynamic Friction Testers, Tearing Testers, Tensile and Compression Testing Machines, Thickness Testers, Water Retention Meters, Zero Span Testers
Permeability (2 pcs)
Phase Equilibrium (4 pcs)
Physical Property Measurement System (1 pcs)
Polarimetry (1 pcs)
Polymer Testing (1 pcs)
Refractometry (1 pcs)
Rheometry/Viscometry (8 pcs)
Rheology is used to describe and assess the deformation and flow behavior of materials. Shear rheometry is a convenient tool to assess a wide range of rheological properties relevant for both fundamental understanding and technical applications. Various measurement systems (plate-plate, plate-cone, cup-bob, etc.) are available depending on the requirements and characteristics of the sample. The most common measurement methods are steady shear (to determine e.g. shear stress, dynamic viscosity, normal force) and oscillating mode (assessing complex viscosity, dynamic moduli, relaxation time spectra). Optical accessories such as small angle laser scattering or polarized light imaging enable analyses of structural properties under shear deformation.
Textile Testing (12 pcs)
Thermal Properties (1 pcs)
Wood Testing (1 pcs)